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Garden Swap takes off in Hackney

Green-figured Hackney residents are using the warm spring weather to spruce up their neighbours gardens, as part of Hackney Homes’ Garden Swap scheme.

Garden Swap matches residents who are unable to look after their gardens due to health or other reasons, with green-fingered volunteers who are willing to help. They can use the gardens to grow fruit and vegetables or simply to create beautiful spaces.

Vice Chair of Hobbs Place Estate tenant and resident association, Ms Suna Shunahan, was successfully matched with gardening enthusiast Mr Guillaume Mauclert, who has begun the transformation of the space. 

Ms Shunahan said: “As a partially disabled pensioner, it’s been impossible to do my own gardening. Having Guillaume around has really lifted my spirits.  He’s made such a difference already. We had a rapport immediately and I can really trust him.”

Councillor Philip Glanville, Cabinet Adviser for Hackney Homes said: “This is the start of many garden swaps throughout Hackney and is a great way to bring together the community. Not only are we helping residents to enhance their green spaces, we are also building and strengthening relationships.”

Volunteers do not need to have a garden of their own and as an added incentive Hackney Homes offer volunteers free gardening related training courses as well as exciting trips and days out.


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