Hackney Historic Images

Subject/Location searches
  • When selecting either All Subjects or All Locations from the drop down menus, the search will always narrow the search to within the selected subject or the selected location.
  • When searching on a single subject and single location, the find any image for subject selected choice will return everything for the selected subject and everything for the selected location.
  • Alternatively, clicking the narrow search choice will narrow the search to retrieve the selected subject only when it falls within the selected location .

Word Phrase or Date searches

This searches the title, description and date fields of the image. It will pick up single words, partial words, and where words appear together.

  • For example, typing Mark will pick up everything containing Mark, including Mark Jones and Marks and Spencer.
  • However, typing Marks and Spencer will only return those records containing the words Marks and Spencer where they appear consecutively.
  • To search for pictures containing a particular date, simply enter the date, e.g.1860. By using the wildcard character (%) you can also pull back pictures within a particular century or decade. For example, typing 19% will return all pictures from the 20th century. Typing 195% will return all pictures from the 1950s.
  • You can also choYou can also choose to sort the search results by the picture date or alphabetically by title.